HDPE is made from the low pressure polymerization. Excellent processability together with high mechanical strength, which is suitable for various applications. Radhika provide selection of HDPE offers high certainty of specific properties to meet all particular needs.
LLDPE is produced by low pressure polymerization. Radhika provide wide range of LLDPE products. The variety of catalysts and comonomers could be used in order to producing products for the various applications, covering film, injection and Roto Molding.
LDPE is produced by high pressure polymerization. LDPE is easy to process and has an adequate balance between optical and mechanical properties. Radhika offers LDPE widely used in manufacturing for various containers, dispensing bottle, tubing, laminated works and also packaging foods and drugs.

Aluminium Foils has become an essential part of modern world. Depending on the alloy and its treatment aluminium foil can be available as per various industry types. Radhika offers different kind and grades of aluminium foil for cooking, Food Container, Medical, Lamination, Insulation
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We are a globally oriented distribution and commodities trading company in the Plastics & Packaging industry.
At Radhika, we’re committed to customer satisfaction and therefore offer our expertise in the Aluminium Foil, plastics, polymers & Packaging industry with a truly personal, tailor made service to suit your specific requirements.
Our worldwide activities in the purchasing and selling of Products in the plastic processing & Packaging industry has given us the right know how and expertise to meet the needs of the market. With additional expertise in logistics, transport, and packaging, we are able to provide swift and smooth service.
Regular monitoring of changes in supply and demand, flexible pricing and settlement adjustment policy – these are the main guarantees of the stability of the successful operation of our company, ensuring long-term and successful cooperation with both suppliers and buyers.
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